Uge 32 (02. – 08. august 2020)

ABSTRACT PAINTING – Inside Out & Upside Down
v/ David Cobb

The canvas is never empty – We learn to value the process.
Citat: Robert Rauschenberg

Nothing is certain. Colours, marks, compositions – it all happens and become a something or nothing. Triumph or failure, hope or despair at that point where ideas meet object. The inside becomes outside and we face ourselves.

The Course, with the island as its frame, will take the time to explore the painted surface and reflect upon on figurative/abstract painting and our innate sense of the ephemeral “abstract language“ of colour, shape marks and textures.

The studio sessions will be supported by lectures, assignments and technical guidance.
The course is open to all with abundant curiosity, an open mind and an open heart.

David Cobb (born 1946, Bexley, South East London). Formerly lecturer in Fine Art and course leader of the Foundation Course in Art & Design at the City of Bath College, Bath England. Now resident and working in Denmark since 2006. David Cobb understands Danish, but preferably speaks English. The teaching is therefore conducted in English.

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