Uge 33/34 (13. – 26. august 2017)

ABSTRACT PAINTING – The Square-Root of Wonderful
v/ David Cobb


When the image is new, the world is new
(Citat: Gaston Bachelard)

The course will explore abstraction and through this focus the process and our engagement in the activity of painting.
Think open spaces and surface, texture, marks and geometry.
Think magic and power to communicate with shapes and colour.
Think time to explore; along with “Wonder” we can also find “Hope”.


David Cobb (born 1946, Bexley, South East London), Formerly lecturer in Fine Art and course leader of the Foundation Course in Art & Design at the City of Bath College, Bath England. Now resident and working in Denmark since 2006.
David Cobb forstår dansk, men taler helst engelsk. Undervisningen foregår derfor på engelsk.

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