Uge 33/34 (14. – 27. august 2022)

LOST PROPERTY – exploring Abstract Painting
v/ David Cobb

Welcome to a two week journey through the topography and language of abstract/non figurative painting.

Confirm what you might know, discover what you didn’t know and explore what you didn’t know you already knew.

“My favorite music is the music I haven’t yet heard,” wrote John Cage. “I don’t hear the music I write. I write in order to hear the music I haven’t yet heard.”

Our studio sessions will be guided and supported by reference to historical context and contemporary practice.

The course is for all with a sense of curiosity, an open mind and an open heart.

David Cobb (born 1946, Bexley, South East London). Formerly lecturer in Fine Art and course leader of the Foundation Course in Art & Design at the City of Bath College, Bath England. Now resident and working in Denmark since 2006.
David Cobb understands Danish, but preferably speaks English. The teaching is therefore conducted in English.

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Instagram: @davidcobb2018

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